What is Developer Relations?

Developer Relations is the discipline related to driving developer behavior and adoption of a company's products and services. It is a cross-functional role that requires a combination of technical, marketing, and community building skills.


There are lots of great tools that Developer Relations teams should consider using, and there are a lot of great communities to join to continue crafting your skillsets

What's the most important part of developer relations?

The most crucial aspect of developer relations is enabling developers to achieve success independently, by holding your products to high standards of product quality, API design, and developer experience. Developer relations needs to not only work to make developers more successful through tools, education, and more, but they need to work to make the products better through community empathy and voice, clear feedback, and through he identification critical innovations and opportunities.

Empowering developers is essential for any company that relies on technology. Often this can be cultural, setting high standards and explaining and advocating for developer experience. Creating valuable developer resources, such as documentation, tutorials, code samples is critical, but also hosting events and conferences to bring developers together. You must build a vibrant self-sustaining developer community that can support and motivate developers in their work.

By providing developers with the resources and support they need to succeed on their own terms, companies can foster loyalty and trust among their developer audience and build a strong and engaged developer community. If you are doing your job right, developers should be able to succeed without you.